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Fabric Reinforced Coating Systems

What are the benefits of a Fabric Reinforced Coating System?

  • Fabric Reinforced Coating Systems offers a maximum return on investment.
  • We can permanently restore any flat roofing system for 1/2 the cost of roof replacement!
  • You pay for a roof, not unnecessary roofing labor.
  • You never replace the roof again! Eventually (in 10-25 years), the roof is simply recoated, similar to a paint job, for 1/8th the cost of replacement! This feature makes this system the best option on the market, yet it costs much less than conventional roofs.
  • Drip Edge and Drains can be reutilized.
  • All roof penetrations can be flashed and sealed in an extremely effective manner that is superior to conventional roofing methods.
  • These systems are guaranteed for 10, 15, or 20 years.
  • A tremendous amount of debris is prevented from being created and hauled to landfills.
  • Fabric Reinforced Coating Systems are lightweight and extremely flexible. They easily adjust to the expansion and contraction of the building, and actually limit the movement by reducing the surface temperature.
  • They are seamless. Seams and joints of conventional systems make them susceptible to leaks.
  • They are composed of the most reflective materials available. This reduces energy costs as AC units use less electricity and require less maintenance when they are located on a “cool” roof.
  • Future construction or roof penetrations are easily integrated into this system for minimal cost.
  • Fabric Reinforced Coating Systems are resistant to sunlight (UV degradation), and chemicals (acid rain).
  • They are fire retardant.
  • They can be expensed as maintenance rather than depreciated over decades as an improvement.
  • Fabric Reinforced Coating Systems have been proven over decades in all 50 states.

Why aren't Fabric Reinforced Coating Systems more popular?

Fabric Reinforced Coating Systems are very popular in the Southern and Western US, as well as in Europe, Central and South America, and Asia. This is where we recognized its use and potential. It is swiftly gaining popularity in the Northeast, but is yet to be widespread for several reasons, but mainly:

  • Most products available in the U.S. market do not perform well and are often used in unsuitable situations by roofers with little knowledge and experience.
  • Many roofing contractors have had, or seen, “bad experiences.”
  • Roofing Contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers stand to make greater profits on more labor intensive conventional roofing.
  • Old habits tend to die slowly.

Do you install other commercial roofing systems?

Yes, we are very experienced at almost all commercial roofing systems. We gladly install them on new construction projects or when corporate regulations require. However, it is rare that these systems offer a greater return on our clients’ investments than a properly installed Fabric Reinforced Coating System.