Residential Roofing

Do you carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance?

Yes, we maintain active worker’s compensation and liability insurance policies that include roofing (most general construction policies exclude roofing). As a testament of our financial stability and to provide our clients with comfort that our coverage could not lapse at any time due to non-payment (this is increasingly common), we pay for the entire 1 year policies, in full, at the start. We are glad to provide certificates of insurance upon request.

What should I beware of when selecting a contractor?

Sizable Down Payments: A contractor that does not have the cash or credit to provide (non-special order stock) material without your money usually indicates an unstable and often desperate operation. Reputable contractors want their clients to be comfortable and do not need or require large deposits before work begins. No Insurance: The risk of injury or accident in construction is always present. Contractors with little or nothing to lose, have little incentive to purchase, and maintain, expensive insurance policies. Homeowners policies will not cover damages incurred if you hire an uninsured or underinsured contractor. Do not risk your life savings with a nice guy that appears professional. It is currently very common, and simple, for contractors to be operating without insurance. Ask for certificates of insurance and verify (by calling the agent) that the policy is still active. Are They Experts: There are countless aspects of a project that could be done incorrectly or less than optimal. Experts are those who have made every mistake possible in a specialized field. Our tradesmen have made theirs, hundreds or thousands of jobs ago.

How is it possible to never have an unsatisfied customer…ever?

Our business model will not allow less than optimal workmanship. Our installers, supervisors, and owner prefer merit based compensation because it produces the best results. Compensation is based, not only on a job being done, but also on it being done to the highest standards. Our labor costs do not decrease if we cut corners or increase if additional time and attention are needed. Our supervisors, who are directly responsible for promptly correcting any failures or issues, were they to occur, will allow nothing less than optimal workmanship. Our goal is aligned with your goal of the best workmanship possible.

How do you “keep” crews that consist of only the best tradesmen in the industry?

Our merit based compensation attracts the best tradesmen that are eager to capitalize on their capabilities, and discourages those that are less productive or capable. Our high volume of steady work and positive work environment are also critical.

When will the supplies arrive?

Our crews generally arrive at 7:30AM or earlier. The material and dumpster generally arrives between 7:30 and 9:30AM on the same day so we can ensure proper placement, as well as, the safety of your lawn/driveway.

How long will it take to complete my project once work has started?

With over 30 of the best tradesmen in the industry, and the best equipment available, we complete almost any home and even many commercial buildings in one day or less (an average home will require 6-8 of our tradesmen on one day). This results in minimal disruption of property and lifestyle for our residential clientele, and operations for our commercial clientele.

What kind of labor warranty is offered?

Our shingle warranty is a 12-year warranty. Our commercial warranties are generally 10 years, but vary depending on the system. All warranty details are provided with our proposals. Our experience in the industry has led us to realize that all warranties are not equal, and that they may be worthless. Nearly 50% of the repairs we perform involve customers who bought a new roof that is “under warranty” (most installation errors become apparent during the first year) from a less reputable contractor that cannot be reached, will not respond, or claims that it is not their responsibility. We cannot tolerate the thought of a leak occurring on a job we completed, never mind ignore it.

Is it better to hand-nail or use nail guns when installing shingles?

Identical results are achieved with either method. It should be noted that it is important (and very simple) to operate nail guns at the correct air pressure. We have noticed some contractors use hand-nailing as a way to differentiate and justify higher pricing when they cannot compete on price. We gladly provide hand-nailed work for about 20% additional (not double), but we recommend that you benefit from the decades old invention of the nail gun, and refrain from paying extra for identical work.

Do you have a safety program in place?

Yes, we are an active participant in the Safety Sam network of safety minded contractors. We focus on a commitment to OSHA compliance. This commitment has been instrumental in our track record of zero accidents or serious injuries. We regularly utilize ropes and harnesses as a means of fall prevention.

What time of year is best for my roofing project?

Since we complete almost any job in one day or less, we can, and do, complete roofs with optimal results on almost any day of the year that does not have significant rain or snow.

What color shingle is best for my project?

We encourage customers to observe the color schemes of other homes in order to determine their personal preference. In general, many of the color choices will look attractive on your project. Dark color choices attract sun/heat (more AC, less furnace). Lighter colors remain cooler (more furnace, less AC). Please note: Roof surface is just one of many causes of heat gain or loss. The color of the shingles will not have a major effect on overall energy costs.

Is a re-roof better than a layover?

Not necessarily. If only one layer of roofing currently exists, a layover should be considered. When installed correctly (requires stripping at all flashings and other critical areas), a layover will perform and look exactly the same as a re-roof for about 35% less. It should be noted that improperly done layovers are very common and often result in premature roof failure. However, our layovers are done correctly, and have never failed.

Do you have references from previous jobs?

Yes, thousands… including work done for building material suppliers and salesmen, very particular builders, real estate investors, and other industry professionals. Just ask, if you would like some of them. In addition, you are welcome to view any of our jobs in progress.